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A ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I would like to thank the National Park Service, Camp Celo, and several friends who shall remain nameless here for a much needed reset in the form of a bike trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Friends at the camp were kind enough to let us park the car I’d borrowed for the trip off in a shady corner:

Surly and Bianchi touring bikes on a trunk rack of a borrowed car which is parked in the shade of a tree in a corner of Camp Celo

My Long Haul Trucker on a borrowed car

Happily the weather coöperated and we had an amazing time climbing up the mountains in relatively cool conditions and less taxing whizzing down after enjoying the views:

A panorama taken from an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway somewhere within 50 miles of Asheville

If you can make the time to bike on the Parkway, I highly recommend it.

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